Ballroom Dancing includes all forms of partner dancing where traditionally the gentleman leads and the lady follows. Ballroom Dancing includes nightclub dances such as Salsa, all styles of Swing, Country/Western, etc. as well as the traditional Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango, and more.

The Ballroom Dance Company's Mission is: To share the joys and benefits of all styles of partner dancing (e.g.; Swing, Latin, Ballroom) through top-quality instruction and professional level, artistic exhibitions, and inspiring performances. Benefits include social grace, self-confidence as well as fun and exercise. The BDC also aims to provide a forum and medium for professional dancers and instructors to maintain and further their own dancing and teaching and a feasible way to afford and receive business support services, and also to provide a low-cost training opportunites to individuals who seek to become a professional level dancer or instructor.

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Ray Bugnosen, Founder of the Ballroom Dance Company, is a former American Rhythm Dance Champion. He performs in shows and exhibitions regularly and is one of the Washington, D.C. area's most popular instructors of social and competitive style ballroom dancing. Although his Ballroom Dance Company is relatively new, they are having tremendous success in starting dance programs (i.e.; swing, latin, social ballroom) at health clubs, private social clubs, and teaching regular classes at some of the area's most prominent dance studios. He and his company offer top-notch instruction in all forms of dance, and other theatrical arts. He also will be designing programs and camps for teens and children interested in DanceSport, social or competitive ballroom dancing. For more information on personalized programs or private lessons for singles and couples call (301) 294-1797 or e-mail

Pictured: BDC Founder Ray Bugnosen from feature article on "Swing" in the DC area - Washingtonian Magazine, July 2000