Have a Wedding or other Special Event in the near future?
Want to look
really good and feel comfortable on the dance floor?

Target your dance goals with a Personalized "PRIVATE LESSON" Program

and learn much faster than you might think!

Let the specialists from the Ballroom Dance Company teach you to look and feel confident on the dance floor! We teach Private Lessons by appointment at our various locations throughout DC, MD and VA! (In home services are also available for an additional travel charge.)

We do not have specific pre-made "packages" to chose from because not everyone wants and needs the same dances, nor learns at the same pace.
BDC Private Lesson Programs are customized to your needs and desires: i.e. - dance to your favorite music, and places and events you like to attend!

We can design a course of study that include all the dances you want to learn and won't waste your time with dance styles you do not care for. We also take into account your particular learning style and personal speed of learning. You may wish try one lesson at first: a) to see how and what we teach to make sure we are right for you; and b) so that the instructor can evaluate where you are now, discuss where you wish to be with your dancing, and recommend the best way to get you there.
Also see: Private Groups and Wedding Dance Specials below.

Pricing and discounts are based on the number of lesson in your program. Below are our sample programs and price-break points:

Single Private Lessons: 1-2 people*
/lesson *(Private Group lessons also available - see below or call for more info)
Private Lessons are 40 min. scheduled in 45 min. time slots and may include 15 min. of free warm-up or practice time immediately before or after the scheduled lesson time when space permits (call, or ask your instructor for details).

Special -- 5 Lessons
$430 ($86.00/lesson) - new students only
regularly $450; after first program)

"Wedding" Program -- 10 Lessons
$820 ($82.00/lesson) - new students only
(regularly $900; after first program)

"Aficionado" Program -- 25 Lessons
$2000.00 (only $80/lesson)
(regularly $2250, save $250)

"Hobbyist" Program -- 50 Lessons
$3750.00 (only $75/lesson)
(regularly $4500, save $750)

"Competitive" Program -- 75 Lessons
$5250.00 (only $70/lesson)
(regularly $6750, save $1500))

No long term commitment required - you may also do one coaching lesson at a time at the regular price! For a free phone consultation on how to get started and/or to set up your first lesson, call...

DC (202) 399-2100 -- MD (301) 294-1797 -- VA (703) 593-0100
...or e-mail support@BallroomDanceCompany.org

Performances and Competitions: Also available are opportunities to perform and compete at every level (new-comer to advanced amateur, and professional). Call the appropriate numbers above for more details.

Specialty Programs: Requests for material that does not follow a standard syllabus and/or a normal time progression (e.g.: specialized choreography) is considered a Specialty Program, requiring 'special' skills out of the ordinary by a 'specialist' - and may include a premium charge. Programs requiring specific personnel will also include additional charges; requests for Mr. Bugnosen, specifically, or other BDC officers may be up to double the standard instructor charges.

Private Group Pricing: (can be your space or ours; travel charges may apply)

Wedding Dance Specials: