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Memberships include various combinations of unlimited FREE classes, FREE Dance Parties and
weekly/monthly events, FREE Practice time, discounted Private Lessons, and Special Events, Exclusive Parties,
planning input, voting privileges, and more! The Ballroom Dance Company is a not-for-profit organization.


Standard Membership - good at all locations in DC, MD and VA

Group Class & Party
- Includes: Unlimited BDC Group Classes and Dance Parties, plus 20%-50% OFF on associates programs,and discounted Special Events, free practice sessions, and discount rates on Private Lessons!

Click here for Class Schedule for DC,. MD, & VA: Mar-Apr 2010 Classes.
Also See: Personalized Private Lesson Programs for any level, style, and goal!
Standard Members may upgrade to the Premium Membership at anytime during the membership.

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DC (202) 399-2100 -- MD (301) 294-1797 -- VA (703) 593-0100

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Premium Memberships - also include a personalized Private Lessons program toward any goal either social, performance, or competitive, etc. Couples: get "2-for-1" on Premium Memberships -- for a Limited Time Only! (call for details)

Bronze Membership   call for details and pricingIncludes all of the benefits of the Class & Party Membership plus a personalized private lesson program with private coaching lessons ~every other week, 25 annually  
Silver Membership  call for details and pricingAll the benefits of the Class & Party Membership, , admission to all studio level events, plus a private lesson program with ~weekly personalized private lessons, 50 annually 
Gold Membership  
call for details and pricingAll of the above, plus 75 annual lessons scheduled by appointment


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VA (703) 593-0100 -- DC (202) 399-2100 -- MD (301) 294-1797

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Membership Index of Terms

Private Lessons -- a personalized "one-on-one" session with your instructor; same price for a single or couple as it is still just one instructor; can be design specifically for one's personal desires, level, style, and goals - see Personalized Private Lesson Programs
BDC Group Classes -- one BDC Certified instructor with a group of students dancing together (no partner necessary to join as we encourage regular rotation of partners for better learning) - see current Schedule of Classes - DC, MD, and VA
Dance Parties -- weekly or monthly events that usually include drop-in workshops and a dance party with refreshments; open to the public for a pay-at-the-door admission. 
Associate Programs -- although most of our programs are taught by our regular staff, the BDC is proud to present several Professional Associates (often current or former champions in their respective specialties) teaching workshops and private lessons for our members conveniently at our location several times a year! These program are priced separately and not included in the regular membership benefits; however BDC members receive significant discounts.
Special Events -- These events are special theme/holiday parties that often feature performances,
specialty workshops and sometimes dinner (sit-down or buffet) - always a great evening; may take place in our studio ballrooms, local nightclubs, or hotel, and sometimes involves traveling (e.g.: dance camps, cruises, dance conventions or congresses).
Premium Membership -- Personalized Programs including a combination of group classes, private instruction, and practice parties - that, together, become the dance industries most tried and true method of success for students learning to dance. Pricing is based on our best deals on Private lessons and the best deals on Group classes and Parties - plus an additional discount for the combination - a truly incredible value!  


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STANDARD Membership - 12 Months
STANDARD Membership - 6 Months
STANDARD Membership - 2 Month Trial
BRONZE Premium Membership - 12 Months + 25 PL's
MD (301 ) 294-1797
DC (202) 399-2100
VA (703) 593-0100

SILVER Premium Membership - 12 Months + 50 PL's
GOLD Premium Membership - 12 Months + 75 PL's