Group Class "Make-Up" Policy

Be sure to get all the class hours you paid for!

If you should happen to miss any classes during any progressive class series, for any reason, you are welcome to make up any and all missed hours as per our normal "Make-Up / Reciprocity" Policy:
Class Students may make up any missed hours by attending any concurrently running class of the same (or similar) curricula at any of the other BDC locations, days, and times - within the same class semester, only. (Make-up credits cannot be transferred to future semesters without a previously granted administrative exception.) After checking the current schedule on-line and deciding which class (location/day/time), the Student must call the appropriate office number below to request to be officially put on the guest list for that class (so that the facility and instructor will know admit them).

Current Group Class Schedules for DC, MD, VA

Emergency/Weather Closings:
In the event of an emergency, snow closing, etc., affected classes will be extended one week in the same location, day, and time -- whenever the facility calendar allows. If the calendar does not allow this extension, students are recommended to take advantage of our regular "Make-Up / Reciprocity" Policy (above). If a student is unable to make up as per the extension and/or the normal procedures, a one-class credit will be allowed toward any BDC group class in the semester immediately following. There are no cash refunds for missed classes and emergency/weather related closings.

Questions? e-mail
DC (202) 399-2100 -- MD (301) 294-1797 -- VA (703) 593-0100